We are a Dental Clinic with a new way to work with Patients!

From us you get the lowest and fix prices before we start any Treatments!

We cover nearly all kinds of dentistry from regular fillings to complicated Implants.

We give you one of the best and longest Guarantees in the Dental area.

We have special program for you.

MQ-Dental is here to provided you with the BEST and LOWEST price in Dental Treatment in Krakow.

Our Team are  experienced and friendly and make sure you will understand what is need for your Good Health of your teeth.

We are working with the latest technology in Dental Treatment such as Panorama Scanner, Oral Scanner, 3D Printer etc...

We make sure on not have patients wait! We start on the appointed time. If you arrive early we have free WiFi and refreshments while you wait.

We love to create
Prices you can afford



Routine Exams


Before we start your treatment we make a detailed check-up. We go trough this with youand explain what is needed and give you a fixed price offer in writing.

All our Check-ups is free if you are patients with us.

Dental Hygiene


We have Professional Hygienist to lhelp you with your Dental Hygiene.

Do not forget to see a Hygienist every 6 months.

Dental Fillings

Teeth can be filled with gold; porcelain; silver amalgam (which consists of mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper); or tooth-colored, plastic, and materials called composite resin fillings. There is also a material that contains glass particles and is known as glass ionomer.

Dentures & Veneers


Today many new procedures is available,

please consult this with our Dentist who will advice what is best for you!

Emergency Dentistry


If you are in need of Emergency treatment we will try to accommodate you in the same day in one of our £ Clinics.

Teeth Whitening


We have several Teeth Whitening treatments, depending on your situation.

Do not destroy your teeth by not getting Professional Dental Advice.



Stomatologia estetyczna
Stomatologia ogólna
Stomatologia dziecięca


Our Goal :
Only to have HAPPY CLIENTS
Our Goal :
 Clients get the best Price and Best Treatment in Krakow


call: 012 400 400 1
Our Clinics
  •  Pawia 12 - Krakow 31-156 

  •  Długa 48 - Krakow 31-147

  •  Warszauera 3- Krakow 31-057

Opening Hours
Weekdays 08.00 - 20.00
Saturdays 10.00 - 16.00
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